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Distinguished Achievement Award

Awarded to a person with a disability who has demonstrated imagination, perseverance, resolve, and an indomitable spirit in working to overcome barriers in their lives resulting in a better quality of life for themselves and others. When making nominations for this award, volunteer work, part time and full time employment is a consideration but not a requirement.

2018	Dr. Regina Root

	DeWanna Christian

2017	Liam Cornwall, VCU Graduate

2016	Matthew Barkley, Fairfax County Government
		Paul Hoelschen, DARS
2015	Natasha H. Sherman

2014	Eli Dimsey

2013	Sam Leckrone, Staunton, VA
		Virginia Department of Transportation

		Greg Gorman, Richmond, VA
		Willow Oaks Country Club	

2011	Dominique (Nikki) Meyers-Griffin
		CNA, Charlottesville
		Kalyn Hutson
		Surgical Care Technician, Richmond

2009	Jennifer Woodward
		Department of Rehabilitative Services, Policy & Planning Unit

2008	Tazewell Winston & Erika Umbarger

2007	Janice Austin, Department of Rehabilitative Services 

2006	Tim Downing, PBX Operator

2005	C.L. & Denise Brown
		Eastern Shore, VA