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Don T. Johnston Award

This award honors a Virginian that has creatively pursed excellence in contributions to rehabilitation programs, projects, issues, publications or a significant rehabilitation cause.

2018	Ericka Neville

2017	Susan M. Collins
		VRA Board Member, Fairfax County Public Schools

2016	Dawn Scott, VRA NewsNotes Editor
		The Choice Group

2015	Adair Jensen-Smith, Manager, The Choice Group

2014	Margie Millner, VRA Board Member, Committee Chair
		Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, Rehabilitation Counselor

2013	Susan Gaillard, VRA Education Chair
		Department for Aging and Rehabilitation

2012	Kristina Blough, VRA NewsNotes Editor

2011	Elizabeth (Liz) Smith, Policy and Planning Director
		Department of Rehabilitative Services

2010	Eleanor Williams, Department of Rehabilitative Services
		Andrew Stowe, Department of Rehabilitative Services

2009	Amy Miller, Department of Rehabilitative Services, Immediate Past President VRA

2008	Maggie Butler, Department of Rehabilitative Services, Rehabilitation Counselor

2007	Steve Sommer and Susan Green
		Department of Rehabilitative Services 

2006	Ellen Braswell, VRA Secretary, Rehabilitation Counselor
		Department of Rehabilitative Services 

2005	Sherman Gifford
		The Choice Group, Richmond

2004	Mark Fletcher

2003	Mary Kaye Johnston

2002	Teri Bertsch

2001	Shirley Lyons

2000	Naomi Aitken                         

1999	Naomi Aitken

1998	Charles F. Wingold

1996	Bernice Chattin
1995	Mary Kaye Johnston
1994	Mary Kaye Johnston
1993	Don T. Johnston (first recipient)