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Roy M. Hoover Award

This award honors a physician practicing in Virginia who has given outstanding medical rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities and whose contributions are substantial.

2018	Dr. Geoffrey Smith

2017	C. Frederick Capps, Former Director of the Psychology Department at WWRC

2016	Dr. Mammen Mathew, WWRC

2009	Dr. Harvey E. Jacobs
	Private Practice, Richmond, VA

2005	David Hebda, Ph.D.
	Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist, Manassas

2004	Pamela S. Duff, M.D., Chief Medical Consultant
	Dept of Rehabilitative Services &
	Disability Determination Division

2003	John D. Ward, M.D.

1998	Louis Massad, M.D.

1995	Dr. Michael E. States
	Dentist, Charlottesville

1990	Doris Woodward, M.D.
	Psychiatric Consultant Private Practice

1987	Dr. Mammen M. Mathew
	Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center

1984	Henry H. Stonnington, M.D.

1982	Reno Porter, M.D.
	Cardiologist, DRS Medical Consultant, Richmond

1980	Dr. G. Slaughter Fitz-Hugh

1979	Dr. Susan Millette

1978	Dr. William Orr

1977	Sam D. Graham. M.D.

1976	Dr. Warren G. Stamp

1975	Dr. David K. Webster

1974	Dr. Joseph T. Byrne

1973	Dr. Leroy Smith

1972	Dr. Alexander McCausland

1971	Dr. Rachel Weems Gann

	Physiatrist, Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center

1970	Dr. Treacy O'Hanlon (First Recipient)