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R.N. Anderson Award

In 1986 a classroom at Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center was dedicated to the memory of Mr. Anderson, the first Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services. Awarded to a current member of the Virginia Rehabilitation Association who has demonstrated excellence in services to persons with disabilities.

2018	Mark Fletcher
	Eleanor Williams

2017	Richard Sizemore, Director of Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center

2016	Kathy Hayfield, DARS

2015	Kim Shepard, Past President VRA, District Manager, DARS

2014	Robert Froehlich
		VRA Immediate Past President, Committee Chair, George Washington University, Center for 
		Rehabilitation Counseling, Research and Education, VR-ROI Project Manager/Adjunct Professor

2012	Sherman Gifford
	The Choice Group
2011	Jennifer McDonough
		Associate Director of Training, VCU, Rehabilitation Research & Training Center
2010	Shirley Lyons, Program Manager
		Hermitage Enterprises

2009	Dale (DeeDee) Batten
		Department of Rehabilitative Services, Regional Director

2008	Margaret Gilllispie
		Department of Rehabilitative Services, Regional Director
2007	Robin Metcalf
		The Choice Group

2006	James A. Rothrock, Commissioner
		Department of Rehabilitative Services

2005	Sharon L. Harrup, Executive Director
		Steps, Inc., Farmville

2004	John A. Phelps, Regional Director
		Department of Rehabilitative Services, Richmond

2003	J. Howard Green

2002	Maureen McGuire-Kuletz

2001	Susan Green	

1999	Joseph M. Ashley, Rh.D.

1998	Sandra K. Wagener

1997	Douglas James				

1996	Alonzo J. Tyler, Sr.		

1995	Joseph F. Wallace, Ph.D.	

1994	Kenneth H. Knorr, Jr.		

1993	Don T. Johnston				

1992	Evan T. Jones				

1991	Donald L. Cox				

1990	James A. Rothrock			

1989	Marianne J. Cashett			

1988	John C. Hawes				

1987	Thomas C. Michael			

1986	Charles H. Merritt			

1985	Frances B. Miller			

1984	Carter D. Hamlett			

1983	William M. Burnside			

1982	John D. Hutchinson, III		

1981	W.H. "Bill" Brownfield	

1980	Altamont Dickerson, Jr.		

1979	John B. Wade 

1978	Earl Lott	

1977	J. Ellies Moran		

1976	Joseph Wiggins		

1975	David Ziskind		

1974	Curtis Iddings, Jr.	

1973	Harry A. Wellons	

1972	Keith C. Wright		

1971	W.T. Coppage		

1970	A. Ray Dawson, M.D.	

1969	Reginald W. McLemore	

1968	Frank O. Birdsall	

1967	W.W. Wendt			

1966	Paul A. Breeding	

1965	Edwin S. Snead, Jr.	

1964	Floyd H. Armstrong	

1963	Roy M. Hoover, M.D.	

1962	J. Paul Glick		

1961	R.N. Anderson