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Benefits of Membership

As the leading advocate for the rights of the disabled, NRA membership is a sure way to stay at the forefront of the rehab profession—from the latest educational seminars, information-packed publications and specialty professional divisions to low-cost insurance and financial services.

NRA membership will keep you in touch with cutting-edge programs, publications and seminars on the rehabilitation practice. Boost support of disability, vocational and rehabilitation policies. And advance your professional growth with instant access to a vast network of publications, educational programs and rehab professionals.

One of the NRA member benefits is access to the NRA "members only" website at You will find additional information there including news updates, legislative archives, publications, etc., not available to the public. You can also update your contact information and check the status of your membership. To access the website "members only" area you need the following information:

  • Your website "members only area" username: which is the same as your member ID# found on your membership card; and
  • Your website "members only area" password. If you do not know this number, please contact the NRA Membership Coordinator at for assistance.

Donor Support of NRA

Individual and Institution

Individual and Institution donor support category is available to retirees, family members, and any others who want to support the National Rehabilitation Association. Individual and Institution donors receive the Contemporary Rehab news magazine. This is not a membership. Donors are not eligible to vote, hold office, join a division or receive other membership benefits.

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Membership Types

Not sure what membership level fits you?


Eligible for all benefits of membership in the Association including voting privileges, copies of Contemporary Rehab and the Journal of Rehabilitation, Division Membership, may hold elected office at any level of the Association, and is represented in the NRA delegate assembly. $150


An individual enrolled as a Full-Time undergraduate with a minimum of eight (8) hours per semester or equivalent and a Full-Time graduate student must have a minimum of six (6) hours per semester or equivalent. $25

New Professional

An individual who recently completed an accredited college university program - this category is only available for the first year after graduation. $108


Affiliate membership is available to those members who are not eligible for professional membership status but are in volved in and/or retired from the Rehabilitation field. This category does NOT receive the Journal of Rehabilitation. $108


Available to a person who has retired (full term career) from work and/or business: is eligible for voting privileges, electronic copy of contemporary Rehab, Division Membership, may hold office at the local, state or regional level. $75


Available to facility director/CEO and 4 designated employees; CEO and 4 designees are eligible for all the benefits of the Professional member category. $700